Welcome to Super Kite Day

 A place where you can find courses for Kitesurfing, Snowkiting, Kitelandboarding, take part in Kite camps, buy all terrain gear and much more. We are here to bring you the best experiences when you go riding. If it's your first day or you want extra days you will find only awesomeness with super kite day.


Kite School

At SKD kite school, we use the highest quality equipment from head to toe. With our years of experience you will get the best teaching possible so you can enjoy your super kite days. We want to make you a safe and awesome rider.


Kite Shop

We work closely with our partner ATBShop who have been in the kiteboarding industry for over 15 years. We sell everything you could possibly need for Kiteboarding  gear and all terrain sports equipment. Ask us for advice.


Kite Camps

We like to share our super kite days so we run snowkite, land kite and kitesurf camps all year round. Use this amazing opportunity to ride with awesome people. Improve your riding and get to ride with the Super Kite Day Team.

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Super Kite Day

Kite School & Kite Camps




Open: 10am till 8pm Every day

Email:  superkiteday@gmail.com

Call us: KSA  0507 977 603

                UK   07523 546646


Unit 1 Newcombe Drive

Swindon SN2 1DZ


Open: 9:30am till 5:30pm

Email: info@atbshop.co.uk

Call us: 01793 523255

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