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Super Kite Day are a team of riders who all share the same passion for riding and video editing. There are not many pro riders who edit their own videos out there and that's what separates us from the rest. We have a whole range of unique videos from land kiting, snowkiting and kitesurfing videos. From buggy to landboard, from ski to snowboard. You name it we have done it.

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"The Super Kite Day Youtube channel was established in 2008. Right now we have 1,027,255 views so far"

- Youtube Analytics 2016

Big Kites in Strong winds 3

This is a really popular series on the Super Kite Day Channel. Abe Alzouman kitelandboarding at his local spot in Southampton in the UK. Westonshore is a small spot but offers really amazing clean winds. Abe shows some of his skills on land with some impressive 1080° board offs and 1800° rotations.

Lolo's Super Kite Days

Laurent Guyot snow kiting in the French Alps at a spot called col du Lautaret located in Serre chevalier. Lolo is riding with a Flysurfer 12m Speed3 Deluxe CE, 15m Speed 3 Deluxe CE, Flysurfer Cronix 10m. Also featured in this video Flysurfer Peak.

Super Kite Surfing Days

See the SKD kitesurf camp in action. Why not join us in Egypt next time and experience the awesomeness. We had such a amazing trip in El Gouna with all the SKD friends that came with us. Everyday was a super kite day!


After work kitesurf sesh

Summer of 2015 rocked! Here is a short video of a typical after work session at the kitesurf club. Living so close to the beach always makes for many super kite days.

Supeyres Snow Kite Day

"Col des Supeyres" is an amazing snowkite spot in the heart of France. With miles and miles of empty space. Watch FLYSURFER rider Laurent & Benoit discover this superb snowkite spot as they start shredding it up on ski & snowboard with their BOOST & CRONIX!

Flysurfer Radical5

One of our team Laurent riders got into the official product video for the Flysurfer Radical5.  This is such a awesome board for everything. It's so light but also so strong. We could talk about how awesome it is all day.


The Yacht Club

SKD ride Ash Garwood riding at a very cool but small spot next to a Yacht club in Essex England. Super style as always from Ash and amazing technicality. Riding the Ozone C4 and his trampa board he can make everything look super smooth.


Into the wild

The discovery of an amazing spot called Cézallier (Auvergne) in France. A super day with rapace Condor+ (8m & 15m) and rider Didier Botta. Some amazing riding and angles in this video.

Caribbean Super Kite Day

Lolo got invited to do some filming for some new products and had the oppitunity to film this amazing video of the beautiful Caribbean. Such a amazing location to practice kitesurfing.


Kite Buggy Free Style with N2G

Guillaume introduces himself and his awesome buggy skills in this video. Really showing off the fun and capabilities of kite buggy free style. Follow Guillaume and see his latest work.



Super Snow Kite Day

Over 168,000 views so far. This is one of our most famous videos on the Super Kite Day Youtube channel. It's a all star cast and super amazing conditions for snowkiting. This really was a special SKD to remember check out the big flys and crazy motocross landkite.


N2G goes to Gwada

The wonderful tropical islands of Gwada is a great place to go kitesurfing. N2G got to ride some amazing islands and the wind was there every day.


Kite Buggy Free Style with N2G

Guillaume introduces himself and his awesome buggy skills in this video. Really showing off the fun and capabilities of kite buggy free style. Follow Guillaume and see his latest work.



Lautaret Paques

Benoit Miquel rides some amazing areas of the lautaret pass. Looping his speed 4 up hill all the way then doing some super big mega loops on the awesome Pyramid spot, riding with his friends too and sharing the super good time.


Home seshs

A new blast at home with rider Lolo BSD Guyot. Check out some sweet freestyle sessions on his epic home spot near Montpellier, France. Nice freeride/freestyle on the twintip.


Crazy Buggy dude Adam

Romain Adam has some serious skills on the buggy. Maybe one of the best in the world. Adam is a really relaxed guy and jut enjoys the ride. But some of the things he does on land are nuts!


SnowKite Free Style - Free Ride

Romain from Canada absolutely destroys this spot called Gaspesie, one of his local spots and a really advanced one too. Trees and steep hills all the way but Romain has super super jedi control. You must see his new videos if you think this is awesome!


Super Snow Kite Camp

One of our best Kitecamp videos so far. See how we share our super kite days with our guests. Getting the most awesome clips and riding days together and partying after. See what we get up to and join us next trip.

Motocross KLB Madness

After the epic Snowkite trip in the Alps Abe and Lolo spend Christmas Kitelandboarding in a privately field owned, two crazy motocross riders decided to do some riding with us too!


How to Ski & Snowboard for FREE

Well all you need is a kite and harness and your good to go. Maybe some lessons too! This is a montage of true super kite day awesomeness. Witness the SKD kitecamp in action with super cool friends and super cool kiteboarding.


Kitesurfing Mallorca

Yannick had a Super Kite Day at his trip to the Spanish island Mallorca. There were some awesome wave seshs during that trip and using the Speed 3 CE's and Fly radical he gets some super floaty hangtime.

Kite Land Boarding in Germany

Yannick gives us some really smooth kitelandboarding in this video, filmed in north of Germany late summer he get some floaty spins on the nice grass fields.

Abe's Super Snow Kite Days

Talk about good conditions. SKD's just seem to follow Abe around. In this video you will see some super powpow and big loops on the Cronix 10m. Make sure to watch closely and find the 'secret video'!

Monte Petrano KLB sesh

Super cool kite landboarding session in the beautiful spot of Monte Petrano Italy. Awesome kite loops and hangtime with my Flysurfer BOOST 7m in 35 knots.

Kite LandBoarding at Bababerck

Kitelandboarding at Lolo's home spot in south of France. Check out the smooth riding on the Flysurfer Boost and Xshape KLB board.



Chic - Chocs Airline

Romain is always on it. Nothing stops this man and his addiction to snowkiting. He destroys the spot in this video, jedi skills and precision landings. Follow Romain and see his new videos.



A Flat water Dream

Yannick and his friends rides at this super amazing flat water spot on a super kite day in Holland at his favorite spot 'Maasvlakte'.



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We could fill this page up with videos all day so we are just highlighting some of our best. Please check out our team rider pages for new videos and don't forget to follow and subscribe.

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