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We have done a lot of research on kiteboarding gear. We have been able to test many brands, and we like to teach on equipment that is safe, fun and easy to use. For this reason we have chosen Flysurfer Kiteboading Foil Kites and Boards, FlyOzone Kiteboarding LEI Kites (Leading Edge Inflatable) along with Mystic Harnesses and accessories for our school because of their outstanding quality engineering.




We give you Quality

We don't like to comprimise on our students teaching equipment. From head to toe, from chicken loop to wing tip.. We use only the highest quality products for our lessons.

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helmet school

Mystic MK8 Kite Helmet

The MK8 is a great helmet for lots of water sports including kitesurfing. CE approved using high impact thermo plastic, the MK8 is fully adjustable featuring lightweight outer shall with ventilation holes to keep you cool.

Bomber Safety Sunglasses

Bomber is the ONLY manufacturer who adds high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam to its eyewear. No other floating eyewear provides the same superior buoyancy of EVA foam period. Non-slip EVA converts your glasses into strapless goggles. The foam grips and never slips

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Musto Buoyancy aid

The Musto championship buoyancy aid is the first in it's class. It has amazing flotation capabilities, 50 Newton's (5kg/11lbs) of buoyancy. EPE layered foam construction in an ergonomic design. Waist belt for a snug, secure fit. Elasticated hem and shoulders straps for comfort and east of movement. Meets European standards ISO 12402.

harness mystric school

Mystic Warrior Harness

This harness has been years in development. The new 2016 Mystic Warrior is very comfortable to ware and easy to remove and put on. We also teach with Mystic Strappies. which makes learning even more easy. It will give you the feeling of a seat harness but you will get the back support of a real waist harness. We don't like to use normal seat harnesses because of the over flexible material and lack of spinal support. You will love learning this this harness and feel comfortable the whole lesson.

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Ozone leash

We use the Ozone leash because of it's simplicity and strength. It has strong and well designed stainless steel clips combined with foolproof release system. It has a swivel system and Neoprene covered buckle. The core Dyneema rope inside is very strong and we have never seen one fail.

boots produtcs

Mystic Reef 3mm Shoe

We use these boots because of the reinforced inner sole using a layer Kevlar. This keeps you super safe from any reef cuts or slices.But the sole is still thin for the more natural board feel. It's very light, strong and comfortable to use. They are easy to put on and remove, they also feature a bungee strap on the top for a secure feel.






Making Kiteboarding EASY! We start all our students off with this amazing trainer kite, learn to kite but without all the hassle, the Viron2 gives new comers a easy and fast way to learn the basics of kite control. With the Viron 2 DLX it was improved with reduced weight on the fabric, the bridal was also improved for better upwind relaunch and an outstanding flag out safety. This kite is fantastic to learn with as your first trainer kite. From land, snow or water this kite is fantastic to have in your quiver.




Infinity Quick Release 3.0

The Flysurfer Infinity bar is simply fantastic. The trim is located above the bar which we prefer for teaching and riding, it's very simple to use. The infinite un-swivel function is a great feature too. The chicken has been redesigned to make for maximum ease of use and safety. It also features a stiff chicken tongue making hooking in very secure but also easy to remove.





We love this board. It has so many amazing features. The Galaxy foot straps are super comfortable and can be adjusted to many sizes. The core is made of half wood on the heel side and foam on the toe side making for an unparalleled lightweight board. The deep heel side channel provides good grip, and makes it possible to set your edge effectively before jumping. This board minimizes on spray from the tucked under edge rails. This board also has grip handles so you can do tricks easier.

Learning with the best


Ozone EDGE V9

Super Kite Day team riders are sponsored by Ozone International. Ozone Kiteboarding is truly a leading competitor in this sport with an incredibly large product range. We rent the Ozone Edge v9 to give you the most super LEI experience. From racing standards of riding up wind to the most epic jumps and kiteloops with precision landings.





Flysurfer are always innovating and have developed a new foil kite that behaves like a LEI but with all the benefits of a foil kite. The SOUL is a fantastic kite to learn or do advanced tricks. The hang-time is outstanding on this kite so learning to do your first jumps are made very easy with this kite. Even if you crash its very easy to water relaunch this kite. Subject to availability; Additional training is required to use these foil kites. If you would like to order one and do lessons with us please get in touch.




Radical 6

The RADICAL6 is comfortable, fast and responsive – the ultimate all-round kiteboard line. Experience a new riding experience sensation with balanced flex and revised rocker curve. Maximum control, directional stability, less spray and high comfort in all conditions.




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