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Super Kite day was established in 2008 and started off as just a Youtube Channel. It then grew into a well recognised name in the Kiteboarding community. After doing a lot of events, competitions and trips we then started the SKD Kite camps. This became a huge success with riders from all over the world booking with us.

We are an international team of professional sponsored riders pushing kiteboarding to its limits and creating new and unique content.


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We get over 60 thousand minutes watched a month

'Youtube Analytics 2016'

Over 1 Million Channel views and 2 Million minuets watched

'Youtube Analytics 2008'

We love having super kite days

Over 1 Million Channel views

Over 2 Million minutes watched

531,353 minutes watched on 1 video

Data from 1st Febuary 2016

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Since starting our Youtube channel in 2008 we have grown a great following of friends and fans stretching across the globe.

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Many of our subscribers have joined us on our events, lessons and kitecamps.

Our Dream

We want to keep the Super Kite Day dream going but it's not easy to support this passion. Relying on wind for a business is very hard, but we feel passionately about teaching and spreading the Super Kite Day vibes. Giving people inspiration is a big motivation for us. Never underestimate a student and what they can achieve.

Super Kite Day Kite School


Teaching kiteboarding is a passion of Abe's. He started kiteboarding in 2008. Passed the level 1 BKSA Instructor Training course in 2016. Then moved up to Senior BKSA Instructor in early 2019. RYA First Aid Trained since 2016 and RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualified. Now in School Management and recruiting and training new instructors.

Super Kite Day Kite Camp

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We started our first public kitecamps back in 2012 It has been a big success ever since.

Super Kite Day Team Riders


We are a team of international riders who share the same passion... To have mega super kite days every day with awesome wind and sun and share good times with friends. Find our more about our super kite day team. Click here.

about kiteboaridng

Kiteboarding can be done on many types of terrain. From big waves to flat water, from grass fields to sandy beaches to the snowy mountains.


Kite Land Boarding

Mountain boarding aka Kite Landboarding (KLB) uses a skate board like deck combined with large wheels used for riding on grass and hard packed sand beaches. Our team riders Lolo, Abe, Ash and Yannick specialise in KLB. Make sure to check our videos out. Also have a look at the KLB events lined up for this year.

Snow Kiting (Snow Board)

Snow Kiting is true freedom from having to rely on ski passes all the time. All you need is a harness, Snowboard, kite and a little wind. Get in touch if you would like some advice and check out our snowkitecamps too. Follow Abe, Lolo, Didier, Romain for more videos on snowkiting with snowboard. Learn to Fly.

kitesurf board

Kite Surfing

Kitesurf boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are skimboards which are great fun, directional boards for choppy water and wave riding but the most common is the twin tip which is used for all round riding but mostly free style. There are lots of things to think about when buying a board. Contact us for more advice.

Kite Buggy

Kite buggy is a metal frame with 3 wheels, foot straps and optional seat belt. Kite Buggys can reach very fast speeds on land and can also ride on sandy beaches. Check out our team riders Adam & Guillaume for more.

Snow Kiting (Ski)

Learning to snowkite is easier with skis. But the skill level increases as you progress in this discipline. Snowkiting is like having your own ski lift pull you up hill. Check out Benoit and follow his amazing ski kite adventures.

Anyone can have a super kite day (SKD Teamnames)

Contact us for any questions you have about kiteboarding. We want to help you make the right choice. We know whats best out there and making the right choice can be hard. We have a lot of experience in all terrain kiteboarding. Feel free to get amazing advice from us anytime.

Super Kite Day

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Open: 10am till 8pm Every day

Email:  superkiteday@gmail.com

Call us: KSA  0507 977 603

                UK   07523 546646


Unit 1 Newcombe Drive

Swindon SN2 1DZ


Open: 9:30am till 5:30pm

Email: info@atbshop.co.uk

Call us: 01793 523255

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