Learn Kitesurfing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia by the RedSea. Super Kite Day Kiteboarding School offers beginner, advanced and coaching level training for kitesurfing, snowkiting and kitelandboarding. We focus on quality teaching with the most incredible kiteboarding equipment on the market. We have years of experience and really know what we are doing. That's why it's called Super Kite Day because we have SKD's every day we go! Get the best advice, training and coaching in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia.

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Kiteboarding courses (SKD Teamnames)



 Registration Fee

Get the SKD Welcome, Course plan Equipment Recommendations Guide. Free For Returning Customers.

Price Per Person


75 SAR


 Private 1 to 1 KiteSurf Lesson

3-Hour lesson including a break. Quality kitesurfing time with your own personal instructor. This is the best way to progress your kitesurfing skills quickly. You can start from any level, if you are new to kitesurfing or want to just recap and get back into it, we can adapt to your exact requirements.

Price for 3 Hours Including Break

1200 SAR


2 Person Group Day Course

This course is 3 Hours for 2 Students. Break included. Equipment is provided for everyone.

Price per Day

Per Person

700 SAR

Return Taxi Service

Don't have transport to the beach? No problem! Book a lesson with us, add the Return Taxi service fee and we can arrange to pick you up from Jeddah City Center and take you to Shoiaba beach and back for a Super Kite Day. 1-2 Spaces Available. Price is per person.

Return Trip Price

250 SAR


Advanced Coaching

Already know how to kiteboard? Want to progress your skill level? Learn with professional Kitesurfer, SnowKiteMaster and 2012 UK Pro Kite Land Board Champion Abe Alzouman. I can teach you new school and old school tricks. Learn the correct and safe techniques to Board Off and successfully practice and land rotations, from 360's to 1800's!

Price Per Day

1300 SAR




additional services



Family & Friends Super Kite Day

Want to have a relaxing day out at the beach with the family? Want to see some amazing up close kitesurfing action? The family Super Kite Day is where you get to see kitesurfing up close and safe with professional demonstrations & display of tricks. You get to fly a 3 line power kite on the beach for up to 3 hours.

Price Per Day

1200 SAR


 Kite Cleaning Service

We offer a Fresh Water Kite Cleaning Service for your Kite(s) and equipment. We can arrange pick up and drop off of your equipment within city limits at an extra charge (250 SAR) Your equipment will be rinsed, cleaned and dried; out of sunlight and professionally packed. Or drop your equipment to us and arrange a time to collect.

One Complete Clean & Pack

220 SAR 

Kite Repair Service

I can repair most damaged equipment with my unique experience working with IKTUS wings a UK Kite repair shop I worked with. Tell me the problem & I can work out the cost and give you a final quote. SKD Repairs Service includes any size Foil and (L.E.I) Leading Edge Inflatable Kites, Harness's, Leashes, pumps and boards. Repair work available: Leading Edge Repair & Replacement, canopy tears, slow puncture, bridal repair & replacement repair & replace lines, change DePower rope & safety line, chicken loop replacement, Line entanglement.




Kite Storage Service

Let us help you with your kite storage needs. 1 Kite, 1 Board, 1 Harness & beach bag per storage unit.

Price per Week

100 SAR


Kitesurfing Gift Voucher

Get in touch for a Birthday card SKD voucher or any other occasion. Voucher is Non refundable.

Buy from

100 SAR


SKD Kitesurfing Package Deals

See our package deals below and get in contact to make an order. We will customize your order to suit you and your riding style.

Contact us for the Latest PDF Kite Package Price list

Kiteboarding Consultation

Are you looking for professional advice on how to run a kitesurfing school? Do you need industry knowledge? Do you need a qualified senior instructor for advice regarding kiteboarding development? If you are organisation looking for consultation of any kind, I have years of experience working in the kiteboarding industry and am happy to consult you.

1 Hour Phone Consult

300 SAR



Directions to Shoiaba Beach

Shoiaba beach is a lagoon open to the public located south of Jeddah city. Free parking but no facilities nearby, so make sure to fuel up your car before you leave and bring water and food with you. Use Caution when parking your car at low tide!

1080p fish

After the Beach trips we go to the Al Hawwat Fresh Seafood Restaurant.

Fresh Fish (½ Kilo) Fresh Lethrinus Nebulosus Fish. Fried or Grilled (Shaoor) شعور

Fresh Shrimp (½ Kilo) Fresh Shrimp Fried (Jumbiri) جمبري 

Fresh Crab (½ Kilo) Fresh Crab Grilled

1x Rice Choice of White Rice/ Brown Rice / Half Half Rice / French Fries

1x Mixed Salad Chopped Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Coriander, Lemon. (Salt & Vinegar Available)

1x Drink Choice of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7UP, Diet 7up, Shani, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Circuits, Water

Also included Flat Bread, Tahina Sauce, Chili Sauce, Garlic Mayo Sauce, Cumin Vinegar Sauce, Green Chillis, Lemon, Red Onion


Your Kitesurfing Instructor Abe Alzouman ابراهيم الزومان

Ride Safe & you can Ride Forever! Students can enjoy fun learning experience with me. British/Saudi National. I speak English fluently, so you will get clear and easy to understand instructions. Abe is a fully qualified Level 2 Senior British Kite Sports Association Instructor and has been kiteboarding since 2008. You will be under a Master kite boarders wings.


Highest Standards of Training

Abe was on the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Website as Ambassador for his contributions to the sport. As well as being a highly experienced snowkiter master and kitelandboarder coming 3rd place in the British KLB Pro Championships 2012.

Abe is BKSA & RYA Qualified

RYA the Royal Yachting Association provides the highest level of marine rescue training. First Aid training was completed at the prestigious Technical-recreational-coaching facility. Abe has completed his RYA Level 2 Power Boat Licence and RYA First Aid. Abe also has trained with Rib & Jet Ski's in Deep Water Kitesurfing Deployment techniques and Advanced Rescue techniques.

To have Super Kite Days you need super good gear.

At Super Kite Day school we only use Flysurfer and Ozone Kites and Fly boards for teaching; we also use Mystic kiteboarding gear. We find that if you learn on great equipment, you will progress much faster and ride safer. We want you to experience the best of kiteboarding, so we spared no expense when supplying teaching gear for our students.


Watch our Free tutorial video

This Kitelandboard video will help you before and after you take kite lessons from us. It's not mandatory to watch but will give you a big heads up on what to expect on the course. This video is not a substitute for lessons.



Watch now click the play button


Every day is a Super Kite Day

With decade's of experience in the kiteboarding market we can truly give you the best advice out there for Land Kiting, Snow Kiting and Kite Surfing. Our shop specializes in snowboarding, surf, skateboarding equipment and much more. We want you to have the best time possible when you take lessons, book kite camps or buy gear from us. You can expect only excellence from Super Kite Day.

For our full terms and conditions please click here.

Super Kite Day

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