Micha van Duinen (SKD Teamnames)

Visual Artist


Age: 15 June 1981

Nationality:  Dutch

Favourite spot: Mirns Holland

Favourite trick:  Faster Editing

Special Skills:  Video Editing, 3D Animation

Hi, my name is Micha and I live in Holland. I have been the animator for SKD quite a few years now and love doing it! When I first started kiting years ago I saw the SKD movies. They inspired me to make them myself. Eventually I decided to ask Abe something concerning slowmotion video editing. This is where our journey began. This is more than a job to me. Abe is a friend of mine and SKD is now more a passion then a client. Kiting is in my blood and it shall always be a part of me, as will SKD. Besides SKD I also film and edit other things like music videos, product videos and other digital media stuff. I invite you all to go to my website and look at the work I do. www.Focus-Reflect.com

See you at the beach!! Peace!




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I will focus on what you want to reflect



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