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تغلم التزلج الشراعي في المملكة العربية السعودية جدة البحرالأحمر Super Kite Day مدرسة Kiteboarding للتعلم على التزلج المائي الثلجي والأرضي. نحن نركز على الجودة في التعليم والخدمة بأفضل المعدات المتطورة في العالم مع سنوات من الخبرة نحن نضمن أن نعطيك Super Kite Day.أحصل على أفضل النصائح, التدريب على جميع التضاريس


كن متسابقا مستقلا

كي تتعلم الركوب بطريقه سهله ومثيره

Kiteboarding courses (SKD Teamnames)

Private 1 to 1 Kitesurf Course

Get quality kitesurfing time with private one to one tuition. This is the best way to progress your kitesurfing skills quickly. You can start from Day 1 or carry on from wherever you left off. Coaching is also available if you want to progress your range of tricks. Minimum 3 Hours booking.


900 SR

300 Per Hour

في الساعة


VIP Super Kite Day

This one to one course is for people who want to make the most of their day on the water. If you have a busy schedule and don't have too much time, this course is for you. We aim to get you up and riding first day but this is up to your progression. This intensive course runs for 6 hours.


Group Course

Learn Kitesurfing In Jeddah in the RedSea. Bring your friends and get a cheaper rate for yourself. The course can run for up to 3.5 hours with up to 3 students. There is so much to learn when you start to kitesurf but we hope to make you a confident and safe independent rider. We teach in Shoiaba beach or Obhor with our School Jetski. Contact us for more details about this course.


Advanced Kitesurf Training Course

'Train hard you must, fly high you will'. Already a competent rider but want to progress your riding level? We have just the training for you. There is nothing better than to have a professional rider help coach you and push your riding. Watching videos is great but having demonstration and tricks done in front of you will really help you learn faster.


شارك بتجربتك

يمكننا تصوير تجربتكم في الطيران الشراعي بكاميرا GOPRO

Video Coaching Service

If you would like GoPro photos or video during your lesson just let us know. We can get them edited and emailed to you after your lesson. Use it for training, sharing and improving your riding by analyzing your own footage. We offer a video coaching service with voice over so you really can see and learn even after your lesson. Click here for an example.


Photos and Video  SR 250

Video Edit SR 1500


نحن مؤهلين من قبل


لذلك فنحن نأخذ التدريب على محمل الجد

حتى يمكن للطلاب الحصول على أفضل النتائج من وقتهم معنا

Watch our Free tutorial video

This Kitelandboard video will help you before and after you take kite lessons from us. It's not mandatory to watch but will give you a big heads up on what to expect on the course. This video is not a substitute for lessons.



Watch now click the play button


Kite Land Board Course

Kite Land Boarding can be done on grass fields or hard packed sand beaches. For more about KLB watch our full length tutorial. Also check out the Land Kite events. We can also offer KLB courses at our kite school. Please contact us for more about KLB.

اتصل بنا للحصول على الاقتباس


Buggy Course (coming soon)

Free style kite buggy is a fantastic way to enjoy kiting. You can ride over sand, grass and even shallow water. Reach high speeds and enjoy the wind in your hair. Buggy is the best way to enjoy kiting in the comfort of a seat!

اتصل بنا للحصول على الاقتباس

kite legendeeded

Snow Kite Course

Super Kite Day are in partnership with Kite Legende snowkite school based in the French alps at the famous spot Col du Lautaret. Become a snowkitemaster & free ride up and down the mountain. Read more about our snowkitecamps. Remember to quote SKD when booking lessons with Kite Legende.


580 SR

نوصى يشكل اساسي بأخذ الدورات التي نقدمها . كن آمنا واستمتع برياضتك

لكي تستمتع بيوم ممتع ، لابد لك من الحصول على العتاد السوبر

في مدرستنا ، نستخدم فقط منتجات شركة Flysurfer للطائرات الشراعيه والألواح. وكذلك منتجات شركة Mystic harnesses وألواح MBS. العتاد الجيد هو الأوقات الجيدة

Our services (SKD Teamnames)
stu teaching kkkkk

أعلى جودة في التعليم

We want to give our students the Super Kite Days experience. We have researched over the years to find the best teaching gear possible. Flysurfer Kiteboarding allows us to teach in all kinds of conditions making sure you have a super kite day.


متجر الواح جميع التضاريس

At SuperKiteDay we work closely with our partner ATBShop. Based in England Swindon and having over 16 years experience in the kiteboarding industry they have a huge selection of all terrain sports for all enthusiasts.

abe teacjooolh

معايير السلامة BKSA

BKSA offer the highest standards of training available in the world. Our head instructor Abe is a Senior Level 2 BKSA and fully qualified First Aid responder and Powerboat Level 2 license. He has been riding and teaching for over 9 years.

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English_flag     Lessons can be offered in English, French and Arabic.

بأمكاننا اعطاء الدروس باللغه العربيه والأنجليزيه والفرنسيه    saudi-arabia-hi

2000px-Civil_and_Naval_Ensign_of_France     Les leçons peuvent être données en anglais, français et arabe.

Every day is a Super Kite Day

من خلال خبرتنا في سوق الطيران الشراعي التي تمتد لعشر سنوات ، نضمن لكم أفضل التوجيهات والنصائح لتعلم جميع انواع الطيران الشراعي سواء على البر أوعلى الماء أو الثلوج. لدينا متجر متخصص في معدات الطيران الشراعي بجميع انواعه من أفضل الماركات العالميه . نحن نريدك أن تستمتع بأفضل الأوقات وأنت تتعلم التحليق معنا أو عند شرائك معداتنا أو عند حجز مواعيدك لأنك ستجد بأننا نقدم لك الأفضل والأميز مع تحيات فريق SKD.


For our full terms and conditions please click here.


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