Group Course

Kiteboarding with Friends is always better! This course is 3 Hours for 2 Students and 3.5 Hours for 3 Students. Equipment is provided for everyone. We even use more than one kite at the same time so you get as much learning time on the kite as possible. We aim to quickly get you and your friends to a level of independence to be able to enjoy kiteboarding for a life time.

We will cater to each persons needs. We know some people learn at different rates than others but we will do our best to keep everyone at the same level so you all enjoy your day together. We want to get you to all to become independent riders so you can take these skills and enjoy many beach trips together even after your course.

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Group Kitesuf Course

Prices include:

  • Learning with fully qualified BKSA instructor
  • Full Equipment rental, board, harness, leash, helmet, boots,  D-power kite, flotation aid and rash vest.
  • Post lesson report and feedback

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SAR 800  Per Person

2 Students 3 Hours

3 Students 3.5 Hours

Full Course 3000 SAR

Course covers:


Level 1 - Introduction to Kite Flying

  • Part 1 - Basic kite handling
  • Part 2 - LEI rigging launching and basic flying
  • Part 3 Basic bodydragging, generating power
  • Part 4 - Directional bodydragging, control and self rescue

Level 2 - Introduction to the board

  • Part 1 - Introduction to the boards and board start technique
  • Part 2 - First board starts
  • Part 3 - First rides including prolonged power delivery
  • Part 4 - Independent Kiteboarding - riding with others

Coaching sessions - Improving techniques

  • Riding upwind
  • Basic jumping
  • Transitions
  • Equipment tuning
  • Advanced launch, land & rescue techniques

Plan for the Day

We will provide you with everything you will need to do your kiteboarding lesson. Just bring a towel, swim shorts, T-shirt, sun cream (optional) and we will make sure you have a super kite day. All Students get Free GoPro Photos for their first lesson. Being able to see yourself in a video is another great way to learn.  Ask us if you would like to add this service. The meeting location is normally Hijaz fuel station. From here you can fuel up your car although we advice to do this the day before. You can also get a coffee here if you wish. Then we will take you to Shoiaba beach lagoon. Also provided are cold drinks and fresh water shower on the spot.


We teach under BKSA safety standards.


Super Kite Day

Kite School & Kite Camps




Open: 10am till 8pm Every day


Call us: KSA  0507 977 603

                UK   07523 546646


Unit 1 Newcombe Drive

Swindon SN2 1DZ


Open: 9:30am till 5:30pm


Call us: 01793 523255

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