Already a competent rider? Want to rent some gear? Want to progress your riding level? Want to try riding high end foil kites? We offer supervised rental with coaching included. We will also GoPro you and send you the footage so you can visibly see your progression.

Because kiteboarding is still developing in Jeddah, we can not rent equipment unsupervised as we would need to come with you to the beach spot location, we provide a supervised rental service where we offer coaching and all the other services that are standard with our Private 1 to 1 course. We can not just give equipment to unknown riders so we will make sure you are doing things safe and keep an eye on you. The price advertised for this course can be considered after the first initiation lesson because we need a day to check your skill level before allowing unsupervised rental. You will get full access to our fleet of kites, for more details on our gear please check out our equipment page.

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Advanced Kitesurf Course

Price: SR 600

3 Hours

Prices include:

  • Learning with fully qualified BKSA instructor
  • Full Equipment rental, board, harness, leash, helmet, boots,  D-power kite, flotation aid and rash vest.
  • Post lesson report and feedback

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Course covers:

Advanced foil and LEI set up

This course brings you maximum performance in Kiteboarding technology. You will be taken through the theory and practical set up of foil and LEI kites in addition to other required training.

This course is super fun. You will have amazing hang time performance and soft landings with our Flysurfer foil kites. We can teach you the best way to use these kites and get the most out of light wind conditions.

We only need 12 knots to use 18m Flysurfer SPEED5. This is truly what Super Kite Days are all about. Once you try a foil kite with us you won't want to go back to LEI's!

Plan for the Day

We will provide you with everything you will need to do your kiteboarding lesson. Just bring a towel, swim shorts, T-shirt, sun cream (optional) and we will make sure you have a super kite day. All Students get Free GoPro Photos for their first lesson. Being able to see yourself in a video is another great way to learn.  Ask us if you would like to add this service. The meeting location is normally Hijaz fuel station. From here you can fuel up your car although we advise to do this the day before. You can also get a coffee here if you wish. Then we will take you to Shoiaba beach lagoon. Also, provided are cold drinks and fresh water shower on the spot.


We teach under BKSA safety standards.

First lesson will be charged at the normal rate to complete rider safety assessment; provided you can prove you are a competent and safe rider to be given equipment to rent you will only then qualify for the course. We first lesson we need to do a risk assessment on your skill and kiteboarding level to make sure you are safe enough to be allowed to ride solo. If you prove you are an independent and competent rider the next lesson will qualify for the discount price advertised. We will always keep an eye on you during your rental time so you can have peace of mind should you need help.


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